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April 13, 2023

CosmoEye and RedSteel have established a partnership. An intelligent packing table for e-commerce packages will be created.

CosmoEye and RedSteel have established a partnership. An intelligent packing table for e-commerce packages will be created.

The company CosmoEye, the creator of a system that uses artificial intelligence to optimize business processes and improve security, has partnered with RedSteel, a leading Polish manufacturer of packing tables. As part of their business partnership, an intelligent table will be designed that will streamline the process of packing packages in online stores.


Both CosmoEye and RedSteel stand out in the market not only with their proprietary solutions but also with their specialization. Both companies have focused their activities on areas related to improving work efficiency. CosmoEye is a system that supports organization management at every stage of its functioning, allowing events recorded by video monitoring to be defined and then recognized using AI algorithms. With the help of AI algorithms, the system processes video images very quickly. CosmoEye detects movement, people, or incidents in a defined area and informs management in real-time. Working 24/7, it provides real-time full visual documentation that allows appropriate action to be taken to solve typical problems that companies face.


RedSteel, on the other hand, is a leading Polish manufacturer specializing in solutions that accelerate packing and transportation processes in warehouses. One of RedSteel's flagship products is packing tables. The company's many years of experience enable it to create high-quality products whose main task is to optimize work.


As part of the established business partnership between CosmoEye and RedSteel, an intelligent table will be designed and produced that will streamline the process of packing packages. RedSteel will produce a modern table that CosmoEye will equip with an AI-based visual documentation system for the package packing process.


"Our potential business partner should stand out not only with the highest quality of the products offered but also with special care for the customer throughout the entire process of their interaction with the company. Equally important for us is the answer to the question of whether, by working on joint projects, we will be able to reach a specific group of recipients and offer added value to existing solutions. If the answer is positive, we know that the cooperation will bring mutual benefits. In this regard, RedSteel is an ideal business partner for us. Thanks to the combination of our experiences related to designing modern solutions, we will create a product that will be perfect for e-commerce," says Kosma Kindlik, CEO of CosmoEye.


The intelligent tables that will be created as a result of the partnership between CosmoEye and RedSteel will be an ideal solution for online stores. They will significantly facilitate and optimize work, which will directly translate into, among other things, an increase in the quality of service and an improvement in the company's financial results. The use of an intelligent table during package packing is both a higher work standard and optimization of the process itself. Full visual documentation will provide information on the quality of staff work.


Greater attention and precision with which the warehouse team will perform their duties will, thanks to the solutions applied, reduce losses related to packaging and the goods contained in them. The introduction of a visual documentation system for the package packing process will significantly reduce complaints and returns. Working with the application when packing orders will speed up the process and reduce the risk of error.

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CosmoEye LLC based in Lublin announces that it has received on 11.05.2022 through Arkley Brinc limited liability company ASI S.K.A. under the Program PFR Starter Closed Investment Fund public aid from the European Funds in the amount of 2.000. 000.00 (two million PLN) for the implementation of the project on the development and commercialization of a streaming B2B system for warehouse management and enterprise resource planning, using integrated cameras (hardware) and artificial intelligence tool for real-time image analysis according to the management plan.

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