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December 1, 2022

How was the idea for CosmoEye?

How was the idea for CosmoEye?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has enjoyed particular interest in recent years. One of the research on it is the construction of machines and computer programs capable of implementing selected functions of the mind and human senses, which are not subject to numerical algorithmization. We talked with representatives of the Lublin-based CosmoEye company about the use of AI solutions and machine learning in the context of optimizing business processes and improving security.


How was the idea for CosmoEye born and at what stage of development are you currently?


The idea to create the CosmoEye system was born a year ago. After many talks and analyses, we noticed the need of the market in the area of ​​streamlining production, logistics and warehouse processes.

Our analyzes are the result of many years of professional experience in manufacturing companies with complex warehouse processes. We were both creators and users of controlling systems and supervising such areas as production, warehouse, sales and finance. The main fuel for our many years of deliberations about creating something like CosmoEye was the lack of satisfaction. It resulted from work on data generated by systems such as WMS, CRM, ERP class systems or financial and accounting systems. By analyzing the data using statistical methods, we were able to find phenomena exceeding the assumed level. We noticed, for example, a significant exceeding of the time limits adopted for the performance of a specific activity in manufacturing and derivative processes. However, there was no way to go back in time and look at what really happened at a certain stage of production. CosmoEye offers such possibilities. Its concept is based on the assumption that the management should be informed about disturbing phenomena in the company in real time. Only then are managers able to react almost immediately and prevent critical events.

We also had a feeling that the CosmoEye system is simply a good business idea. The Arkley Brinc fund decided to invest in our project. The very process of acquiring an investor lasted from October 2021 to February 2022. Formally, our company has been operating since the beginning of February this year, and we signed the investment agreement on April 1.


We developed the MVP concept and finished working on it. We are currently in the production and testing phase. I think that within a month we will sign the first three contracts. We are already in talks with two companies from the Lublin region and one from Lower Silesia, which have expressed their willingness to implement the system.


How would you describe the offered solution and what is its specificity?


In the broadest sense, CosmoEye is a system that uses artificial intelligence, the operation of which boils down to streamlining and optimizing business processes in enterprises with various business profiles, as well as quality control and improving work safety.


The system - equipped with AI algorithms that process digital images from video cameras in a very short time - is able to provide solutions that allow you to find, recognize, classify an event on the screen, and then inform the indicated people about it using a mobile application.


In the simplest case, it can inform the manager about the appearance of a person or vehicle in a prohibited area outside working hours. The system can also observe the paths of employees in production and warehouse halls, measure their net working time and indicate moments of inactivity. It is also used in the quality control process or the correct packaging of goods for release.

CosmoEye can be a solution wherever any measurement of activities has so far been difficult or even impossible.


Can these parameters be set individually?

Taking into account the entire spectrum of the system's capabilities, we are able to teach our model to recognize any - assumed in advance - event.


Are there already similar solutions on the market?


The CosmoEye solution is the original system.

They are a very similar solution, but used in the security area. Security companies, by installing video monitoring on the entrance gates, define zones in which a person or a car should not move. I have not come across such a solution that is used inside a production or logistics company. In addition, at the moment, monitoring in companies is used to check after the fact what really happened, or how it happened and who was involved in the event. Our system provides real-time information. There is no such solution on the market.


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CosmoEye LLC based in Lublin announces that it has received on 11.05.2022 through Arkley Brinc limited liability company ASI S.K.A. under the Program PFR Starter Closed Investment Fund public aid from the European Funds in the amount of 2.000. 000.00 (two million PLN) for the implementation of the project on the development and commercialization of a streaming B2B system for warehouse management and enterprise resource planning, using integrated cameras (hardware) and artificial intelligence tool for real-time image analysis according to the management plan.

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