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April 7, 2023

Occupational health and safety in the era of artificial intelligence

Occupational health and safety in the era of artificial intelligence

Care for occupational health and safety is required by law and occupational health and safety regulations. It is worth, however, that care for the good physical and mental condition of employees is not only a top-down order, but a natural behavior in every company. So how to quickly react to potential threats and improve security in the era of artificial intelligence? How can the innovative CosmoEye system on the Polish market contribute to the improvement of occupational health and safety?


According to a report by Euler Hermes and the Employers of Poland organization, more than 19% of respondents intentionally performed their duties incorrectly, and almost 29% admitted to drinking alcohol during work. Effect? Increased risk of accidents. And indeed, there are more and more of them every year in Polish companies. According to data from the Central Statistical Office, in the first quarter of 2022, 11,111 people injured in accidents at work were reported. This is 2% more than in the first quarter of 2021. Incorrect employee behavior was the cause of 61.4% of accidents. What are the costs? Very measurable for companies. In 2020, the average cost of an accident at work for an employer employing more than 250 people was PLN 87,528.

Critical events in the company are not limited to problems related to the lack of full control over security. They can also be the result of insufficient supervision over work. This applies especially to those companies that operate in a multi-shift system. Diffusion of responsibility may be a problem, e.g. for individual stages of production. According to the report "Work. Health. Economy. Prospect 2013-2017” prepared by Medicover, production workers employed in such a system also have the highest average sickness absence per employee. That's as much as 16.9 days, which is more than half as long as drivers or managers. How does this affect the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire enterprise? The answer seems simple.
Undesirable events may also be the result of incomplete visual documentation of processes, e.g. non-compliance with regulations and standards, in particular health and safety and HACCAP rules.

Critical events also occur when employees lack sufficient motivation. The research conducted in November 2021 on behalf of the portal shows that as many as 65% of Poles have observed symptoms of professional burnout, including a clear decrease in motivation to work. How much can a disengaged employee cost a company per year? In 2017, it was calculated that this amount oscillates around PLN 33,000. zloty. Today it may be much higher.

There is no industry that is free from the risk of employee abuse. Even the best managed enterprises find it difficult to escape from critical events that may have a negative impact on their functioning and significantly hinder building a competitive advantage. So where should companies look for a solution to the above problems?
No detailed procedures and monitoring can replace good work organization and staff supervision over employees and the entire business process. Yes, the human factor plays an invaluable role in management. Why not, however, support the management staff and managers with modern technologies and AI, especially since the use of artificial intelligence to improve security is currently one of the most important trends in this field. But let's start with the data, because it is from them that the work of artificial intelligence begins.

What data can companies collect?
In 2025, according to the IDC report "Worldwide Global DataSphere Forecast", there will already be 180 zettabytes of data in the world. The amount of data collected is growing by an average of 23% each year. Importantly, companies produce them at a faster rate (28%) than consumers. Data collection solutions have become so common that it is rare to find a company that would not use such a possibility.
One of the most commonly used information gathering systems is video surveillance, thanks to which companies have access to images from video cameras. The production hall or warehouse is full of data, thanks to which you can take a broader look at the processes taking place in the company. However, is the data collected in this way properly documented and archived, and at the next stage skilfully analyzed and used?
According to a report by Mordor Intelligence from 2021, unfortunately, huge amounts of raw data are generated every day. This leads to e.g. to the lack of any benefit from their collection. Unsaved and unprocessed information has no value to the company. However, the knowledge that comes from the analysis of visual documentation - especially if it is based on artificial intelligence - can directly affect the improvement of many business processes.

Keeping visual documentation is also one of the most accessible for production companies - both in terms of ease of implementation and cost-effective solutions to improve occupational health and safety.
Benefits of using artificial intelligence to improve safety in the workplace Artificial Intelligence can use machine learning algorithms to learn to recognize patterns and identify dangerous situations. Image analysis supported by AI can e.g. identify employees who are not wearing the required protective equipment, such as helmets, goggles or masks. Video monitoring using artificial intelligence can also identify employees who perform dangerous activities, such as climbing to a height without proper protection or leaving objects in places where they should not be.

Identifying critical events is one thing. The processing of large amounts of data by artificial intelligence brings added value. It is the ability to indicate areas related to specific processes in the company, where specific actions or decisions are required. And this, according to experts, will be the focus of artificial intelligence in industry. On optimization related to predicting events and on proposing solutions to the managerial staff. Artificial intelligence is able to predict the future in some way and help solve the problems faced by companies. Video surveillance systems cooperating with artificial intelligence are also able to react quickly to incidents, notifying security personnel about them. This allows you to quickly take action to prevent accidents or other dangerous situations.

5 common occupational safety issues companies face:

  1. Lack of full control over the safety of work in the company.
  2. No possibility of constant supervision of areas in the company (in particular, this applies to multi-shift work).
  3. Non-compliance with regulations and standards applicable in a given industry.
  4. Incomplete visual documentation of processes.
  5. Too long response time to events.

So what are the benefits for the company of using artificial intelligence to improve safety in the workplace? Artificial intelligence does not make mistakes because it does not get tired ... Unfortunately, humans not only get tired, but also make mistakes under the influence of fatigue, which can be one of the main causes of injuries and accidents in the workplace. Video surveillance combined with AI can minimize human error - detect employee fatigue, identify dangerous areas, and alert employees and management to potential hazards before anything happens.

What is and how does the CosmoEye system work?
One of the tools using artificial intelligence that help companies monitor processes and, thanks to the analysis of collected data and information, solve problems related to critical situations and increase standards related to occupational health and safety is CosmoEye.
It is a system equipped with AI algorithms that allow you to process digital images from video cameras very quickly. It is able to provide solutions that allow you to find, recognize, classify an event on the screen, and then inform the indicated people about it in real time.

How it's working?

The image from the cameras of the monitoring system is directed to a local server, where internal mechanisms stream it to the artificial intelligence engine and save the recordings. With the help of neural networks, the image is analyzed and fixed patterns are detected. Information about found events is sent to an external server. So much technique. For businesses, this means that with smart tools, the system can detect movement, people or incidents in a specific area. It also alerts you on an ongoing basis when it detects irregularities or discovers the possibility of improving a given activity. The organization that has implemented the system receives notifications about them and can watch the key moments recorded by the camera.
Importantly, CosmoEye works in real time. Thanks to the mobile application, managers have full control over the company using their phone.

Considering the fact that the highest level of concentration of employees responsible for analyzing the image from CCTV cameras - according to MPL Katowice research - is maintained only for the first 30 minutes of work, CosmoEye has a definite advantage here. It guarantees support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. After all, visual documentation can be used by companies in a full and most effective way. So how does the system provide solutions?


5 solutions provided by the CosmoEye system

  1. Full enterprise control.
  2. Real-time automatic alerts.
  3. Immediate reaction to events.
  4. Compliance with industry regulations and standards.
  5. Complete visual documentation of processes.


Thanks to the machine learning technology used, the system improves along with the increase in the analyzed data. This translates into the ability to constantly adapt to the production environment, which is sometimes specific to certain industries.

In what situations can CosmoEye improve occupational health and safety?
In the simplest case, the system can inform the manager about the appearance of a person or vehicle in an unauthorized area outside of working hours. The system can also observe the paths of employees in production and warehouse halls, measure their net working time and indicate moments of inactivity. The CosmoEye eye can be a solution wherever any measurement of activities has so far been difficult or even impossible.

In what situations can CosmoEye improve occupational health and safety? First, artificial intelligence can reduce the number of accidents at work. Each accident at work is the result of one event that results from several causes. Therefore, the sum of the causes is greater than the total number of accidents. The system helps to mitigate these phenomena by constantly analyzing streaming from cameras and sending security alerts in real time. It also ensures control over the appropriate selection and distribution of personal protective equipment for employees and allows you to maintain the standards adopted by the health and safety inspector.

Some accidents and dangerous events may be a consequence of boredom, which arose due to monotonous work, not using one's skills and potential, lack of a sense of sense of the work performed. How does the company lose out? A disengaged employee - according to calculations from 2017 - generates annual costs for the company at the level of approx. PLN 33,000. zloty. Today, these costs may be much higher.
However, situations related to a lack of motivation can be prevented. It is enough to detect signs of boredom in time and try to counteract them. You can also pay more attention to the positive attitudes of employees.
Can systems based on artificial intelligence help solve such problems and increase motivation? CosmoEye, thanks to the artificial intelligence module, can search for specific patterns of behavior. Thus, it identifies not only negative events, but also those with positive overtones. It is able to detect people working more efficiently, analyze their behavior and on this basis sends information in real time to the area manager, which includes a video record associated with above-average indicators of a given person. The system will also notice repeated inactivity, which may be the result of boredom at work. In both cases, therefore, it has an impact on the optimization of processes taking place in the company. However, it is up to the management staff to use this information to introduce solutions motivating employees.

CosmoEye is a very effective tool to reduce the risk of accidents and to improve safety in the workplace. This is confirmed by both satisfied customers and the industry award "Product of the Year 2022" in the "Improvement of safety" category.

Does it pay off?
Health and safety in the workplace should be one of the main concerns of enterprises. Unfortunately, traditional monitoring methods prevent quick identification and elimination of potential threats. Artificial intelligence is increasingly helping companies to create a safe workplace.
Many companies are tempted by the use of artificial intelligence in business processes. This is confirmed by research. According to the Zyro report from February 2022, over 35 percent. of companies use artificial intelligence in some form, and nearly 85 percent of companies classify investments in artificial intelligence as their strategic priority. However, many companies have concerns and ask themselves whether the investment is able to pay off and in what time perspective.

CosmoEye is financed by the savings generated by the use of the system. The cost of implementation - apart from the impact of the tool on the optimization of business processes and raising the organizational culture - should pay for itself within one to three years. The rate of return, of course, depends on the specifics of the company. Why does CosmoEye pay for itself so quickly? Firstly, it significantly reduces the number of accidents at work. The system also allows - by eliminating e.g. the phenomenon of "simulating work" - increase efficiency and calculate, and thus increase effective working time.

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