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Case study


Case study

FMCG wholesaler

The FMCG wholesaler - as a major supplier of products to online delicatessens - was experiencing increasing problems due to the exponential increase in the number of shipments. Unfortunately, the lack of visual documentation meant that the warehouse manager didn't really know whether the package was well packed or not, and thus it was hard to have an impact on the processed complaints and returns.


The company decided to implement the CosmoEye system and thus gained full visual documentation of the parcel packing process. The employee in charge of processing complaints is now able to consider their validity or lack thereof within minutes. The archiving mode also helps track down the reasons for the complaint. The system has improved the packaging process, which has had a direct impact on the decrease in the number of complaints.




Cable manufacturer

According to LiveCareer's "Loyalty at Work" survey, 32% of respondents brought small items out of the workplace. Nearly 7% admitted to misappropriating company goods and equipment. Hard data shows that these are not just declarations by survey participants, but a real problem facing companies.


In 2020, businesses in Poland lost as much as 792 million euros through workplace theft. One such affected company is a cable manufacturer that could not cope with aluminum theft. The company needed to install a CosmoEye system to monitor these areas in real time. When someone showed up in an area, the system informed the appropriate people in the company.




Cosmetics wholesaler

One of the common problems in cosmetics wholesale warehouses is confusion when picking small, similar items. A wholesaler of hair care products, including shampoos and conditioners, among others, needed a tool to help streamline the picking stage.


The CosmoEye system solved the problem of confusion by providing full visual documentation of the process. The lack of mistakes translated directly into increased productivity and an increase in effective working time.

See the CosmoEye system presentation

See the CosmoEye system presentation

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CosmoEye LLC based in Lublin announces that it has received on 11.05.2022 through Arkley Brinc limited liability company ASI S.K.A. under the Program PFR Starter Closed Investment Fund public aid from the European Funds in the amount of 2.000. 000.00 (two million PLN) for the implementation of the project on the development and commercialization of a streaming B2B system for warehouse management and enterprise resource planning, using integrated cameras (hardware) and artificial intelligence tool for real-time image analysis according to the management plan.

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