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July 4, 2023

Digital Revolution in the Food Industry: Bempresa and CosmoEye AI Leading the Way

Digital Revolution in the Food Industry: Bempresa and CosmoEye AI Leading the Way

Digital Revolution in the Food Industry

The digital revolution in the food industry is gaining momentum thanks to the initiative of Bempresa and startup CosmoEye AI. The Polish milk powder manufacturer consistently implements the concepts of Industry 4.0, contributing to impressive financial results.


Bempresa - an Example of Implementing Industry 4.0 Ideas

The digital revolution in the food industry is becoming increasingly significant, yet many companies only partially implement the concepts of Industry 4.0 and 5.0, limiting their competitive advantage. Bempresa, a milk powder producer, serves as an example of a Polish company consistently implementing the ideas of Industry 4.0. With excellent products and a stable market position, Bempresa achieves impressive financial success.


Vision and Commitment of Bempresa

The vision of CEO Tomasz Stopa revolves around continuous technological development, high-quality products, and the utilization of modern technologies such as automation, robotics, and digitalization of business processes. Bempresa also places great emphasis on environmental aspects and waste reduction, aiming for "zero waste."


Collaboration with CosmoEye AI

In this context, Bempresa has established a partnership with a Polish startup named CosmoEye, specializing in the creation and implementation of artificial intelligence-based systems. CosmoEye won the tender for the digitization project of companies using artificial intelligence. As part of the project, ERP, MES, CosmoEye AI, and BI systems have been implemented.


Practical Applications of the Systems

The ERP system manages transactions in the company, from sales opportunities to post-sales processes. The MES system collects data on the status of production lines and the consumption of critical resources. The CosmoEye AI system analyzes data from various systems and industrial CCTV and thermographic cameras, sending near real-time alerts on critical events to the relevant managers via the CosmoApp mobile application. The BI system generates reports by combining information from all these systems.


Support from CosmoEye AI

CosmoEye is responsible for creating artificial intelligence-based components and integrating all the implemented systems. The CosmoEye team consists of experts in artificial intelligence, ERP, software design, and business process engineering.


Project Goals and Collaboration Effects

"In carrying out the project for Bempresa, we aim to achieve the following goals: full integration of all IT processes and systems, automation of supervision over compliance with occupational health and safety standards, automation of supervision over compliance with HACCP standards, monitoring of undesirable phenomena such as theft, drinking at work, cell phone use, lack of activity, human presence in restricted areas, automation of operational, financial, and strategic reporting processes, quality control of technological processes and the technical condition of production lines (e.g., overheating of active line components), reduction of failures and complaints, supervision of resource consumption and its optimization according to AI recommendations, intelligent monitoring of the area around buildings" - say Kosma Kindlik, CEO of CosmoEye, and Kamil Dudek, CIO of CosmoEye.


Ambitious Bempresa Project

The project carried out by Bempresa is an excellent example of utilizing modern concepts of Industry 4.0 and 5.0 in a Polish manufacturing company operating in the food industry. It is an ambitious project, the success of which depends on the consistency of both the investor and the implementing company. However, thanks to this project, Bempresa can compete with industry leaders in global markets, surpassing domestic competitors and setting new standards in organizational management.

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