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April 27, 2023

Warsaw Pack 2023 trade fair

Warsaw Pack 2023 trade fair

We have just finished the Warsaw Pack 2023 trade fair, where we had the opportunity to present our new solution for the e-commerce industry together with our business partner, RedSteel. Our application generated a lot of interest among the fair visitors. Monitoring the packing process is crucial in reducing the number of complaints and returns in companies. The entire packing process is monitored and divided among packaging companies for each package. Recordings can be used to check whether all products for the customer were packed and how the package was sealed. Such information will be needed not only in terms of customer complaints but also in the case of complaints from carriers who claim, for example, that the package was poorly packed.


We installed a camera on the RedSteel tables that reads barcodes and QR codes and, using built-in OCR, provides all label information to the CosmoEye system. The table includes data such as the customer's name and surname, order number, and the time when the package was packed. Recordings can be played back, downloaded, or sent to the customer using the share icon, which sends a link to the recording.

The system is available in two versions. For a few tables (up to 4-5), we can store data in the cloud. For more than 5 tables, we provide a server on which recordings are stored. Recordings can be stored for as long as the customer needs. Typically, this is the time for return/complaint accepted in the e-commerce industry, which is 30 days.

We invite you to download the system presentation and arrange a short meeting where we will learn about your company's needs regarding our system.

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